Spray Tanning – The safest way to get that golden glow using the latest equipment supplied by Sunless Solutions. Contains natural & organic ingredients. Choose the shade you would like to be. Three colours available. Instant colour for a special occasion. Rapid tan is also available for people who do not have the time to allow it to develop.

To help us create the perfect tan please ensure you wear loose clothing & remove all jewellery before visiting the salon. We recommend that you shower, exfoliate & moisturise before your visit. Your tan will last between 8-12 days depending on your skin type. Exfoliation is not necessary with this treatment but will prolong the life of your tan.

Retail products are also available in the salon, which will help you prolong your tan.

 Full Body  £20.00  Legs   £12.00
Upper Body £14.00 Top-up (within 12 days) £15.00



Individual Sessions

 3 minutes  £2.50 (87p per minute)  6 minutes   £4.75 (79p per minutes)
9 minutes  £6.50 (72p per minute) 12 minutes  £8.50 (70p per minute)
15 minutes £10.50 (70p per minute)


1/2 Hour £21.50 ( 66p per minute) 1 Hour £40.00 (63p per minute)
2 Hours  £60.00 (50p per minute)
Winkeeze  25p per pair  Goggles £2.50 per pair