Eye Treatments

 Eyelash Tint*  £14.00
 Eyebrow Tint*  £8.00
 Eyelash/Eyebrow Tint plus Wax*   £25.00
Eyelash Perming*

To give instant lift & definition. Lasts approximately 6 weeks.

A semi-permanent mascara; lasts 3-6 weeks & adds length, volume, colour to the natural lash. Doesn’t smudge or run, is fully waterproof & doesn’t have to be removed every day! It is not false lashes, it is a coating to your natural lash so is therefore easier to wear every day – or just for your holidays or that special occasion.
Lash Lift*

One of the quickest ways to brighten & lift your entire face. It is one of the essential treatments chosen by many celebrity make-up artists which give that stunning, wide-eyed look to your natural lashes. Lash lift will give the appearance of longer, thicker, darker & fanned out lashes without lash extensions, takes only 45 minutes & lasts up to 8 weeks with no maintenance needed.
Express Lashes*

Lasting up to 2-3 weeks. Come in various lengths will feel weightless. Ideal for those who want lashes just for that special occasion or as a treat.
Eyelash Extensions*

Semi permanent eyelash extensions, to give longer, fuller & very natural looking individual lashes. Could last up to 10-12 weeks depending on life style.
Maintenance/Half Set (1 hour)

To replace lashes which have shed naturally (length of time needed will depend on how many lashes have been shed)
3D Browz* £25.00
24Hour Brows £18.00

*a patch test will be required prior to any applicable treatments


Eyebrow Extensions

You’ve heard of eyelash extensions but now there are eyebrow extensions. Fine hairs are placed along the brow line to fill in gaps and give fuller brows. Where the is no hair they can be applied to the skin. This treatment does only last about 7 days, but idea for those with very thin or no eyebrows when attending that special function or photo-shoot.

 Eyebrow Extensions  £20.00
 With a eyebrow wax  £25.00
 With a eyebrow tint   £25.00
Eyebrow extensions, eyebrow shape and tint £28.00